Designing Higher Education: Lessons for Law Schools

  • Anette Alén University of Helsinki
Keywords: design thinking, higher education, university pedagogy, law education, law


This literature review presents research published between 2018 and July 2023 relating to design thinking in higher education. It provides an overview of research themes and findings, while also having a particular interest in law education. The findings suggests that design thinking has been discussed across disciplines, including in the context of law education. Overall, design thinking is approached as a beneficial pedagogical method, while exploring its integration and effects or theoretical foundations in various settings. Based on the review, critical voices are few, including, however, discussion on the neoliberalist undertone linked to design thinking. In the context of law education, learning materials are discussed more often than in other fields included in the review. In integrating design thinking, law schools should draw from its benefits, such as the in-built student perspective and skills-based approach, while not forgetting its thinking, higher education, university pedagogy, law education, law