Call for Papers – European  Journal of Legal Education – 3rd issue, 2022

The European Journal of Legal Education ( ) is an online peer reviewed legal journal published annually and dedicated to publishing high quality research and scholarship on legal pedagogy across Europe. We are witnessing a major transformation in legal education across Europe which raises questions and concerns about legal pedagogy. In this spirit we hope that you feel inspired to share your own contemporary reflections and analyses on legal education in our time of transformation. Our shared experience of the pandemic has given us new insights into our methods, our students’ learning and how we might meet their aspirations and concerns.

We would be pleased to accept contributions to our upcoming third issue. The overarching theme is legal pedagogy in Europe, focusing on developments in educational theory, technology and their practical application. Contributions should be up to 10,000 words. Shorter pieces covering updates on current legal education are considered as well. Publication language is English. Please find attached the guidelines for authors. Papers to be submitted via the website as soon as they are ready, but at the latest by 14 February 2022. Papers submitted early and accepted through our peer reviewing system will be published online on a rolling basis so that authors do not have to wait for the issue to be complete before they may report publication.

We are interested in articles about any aspect of legal education which will be of interest to legal academics and support staff teaching in law faculties anywhere in Europe. This will include articles concerned with:

  • learning theory and pedagogy;
  • the use of technology in legal education;
  • classroom and clinical approaches;
  • academic, vocational and professional legal education;
  • the issues surrounding the regulation and political influences on law faculties;
  • research into legal education.

However, we do not assume we have identified an exhaustive list of topics. Articles presenting research into legal education elsewhere in the world will be of interest, especially if presented so that their relevance to a European audience is made clear.

In addition to scholarly articles, the journal welcomes contributions in the following forms:

  1. Book reviews (up to 3000 words) – reviewed books and other resources (for example, websites) should address legal education problems
  2. Short commentaries (between 3000 and 5000 words) – commentaries should address innovative ideas, current changes or urgent problems in the legal education field

The Journal’s Mission Statement

The European Journal of Legal Education is committed to generating debate and publishing outstanding contributions on and of interest to legal education in Europe, bringing together and promoting cooperation between scholars globally. In furtherance of this mission, the European Journal of Legal Education encourages reflection on existing and emerging analyses of legal education and will work through rigorous peer review and selection processes.